Customer Spotlight

We recently had the opportunity to print for Legion Operator Training Group.  Jeremy from LOTG sent us this photo yesterday, along with a little information about what their organization is and what they stand for: 


“Legion Operator Training Group is an organization comprised of former SOF Operators and Elite Law Enforcement professionals that have united together in order to create the most unique training center in the world geared towards military and law enforcement professional development. A defense contracting company located in Blakely, GA, Legion OTG is bound by the highest standards of integrity, quality and respect for every associate and potential client. We will never sacrifice its values for growth and will remain steadfast to our fundamentals of character; uncompromising attention to detail and a quality focused training facility.

With our primary facility covering over 4,500 acres and multiple off site training areas, our list of capabilities will continue to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of our clients through our vast list of services.”


 A big thanks to LOTG for printing with Extreme!  You’re great people to print for and we’re excited to work more with you guys in the future.

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New site and Changes for 2012

What better way to celebrate the new year then with a new look! Extreme Screen Prints is delighted to announce and present the debut of our new website!

New site new look-Why?

Dedicated to continuous improvement of our company and services, Extreme Screen Prints has been working diligently to revamp and renovate our image with a brand new appearance! As we continue to experience rapid growth, advancements have been made with Jumbo, water based and discharge printing since first established in 2009 our team felt it was time to develop a new site that will provide an opportunity to keep clients and supporters well informed of the advancements, designs, services and diverse forms of creativity that continue to flourish here at our offices. Determined to take custom screen printing to a whole new level, our team strives to provide only the highest quality work that we guarantee our company will take pride in producing. In addition, we are motivated to continue putting fourth great effort to keep up pace with new changes and improvements in the printing industry and services. After all, this skill acquired by our team has evolved into a passion as we strive to provide noting less then excellence and satisfaction.

To many this may merely be a website, but to us this use of technology serves as an effective means of maintaining contact with our clients, prospects and valued supporters. The new web page was specifically designed to be both functional and easy to navigate. These two qualities make it simple for new as well as returning clients to become familiar with the screen printing process and understand the multiple steps in ordering custom printed apparel. The content and visual images incorporated into the website works to direct and guide an individual through all of the stages throughout the ordering and production procedure. We have an extensive product section with all our pricing listed for our standard printing,we also made it very easy to find out what the extras like discharge, water based, jumbo printing and our many finishing options we offer will cost.


So please take a few moments to browse and explore one of our newest designs! Feel free to leave us an opinion or feedback, we look forward to hearing from you.

You can now connect wtih Extreme Screen prints through Facebook, Twitter, and Whats Fresh-The official blog of Extreme Screen Prints.

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