Customer Spotlight

We recently had the opportunity to print for Legion Operator Training Group.  Jeremy from LOTG sent us this photo yesterday, along with a little information about what their organization is and what they stand for: 


“Legion Operator Training Group is an organization comprised of former SOF Operators and Elite Law Enforcement professionals that have united together in order to create the most unique training center in the world geared towards military and law enforcement professional development. A defense contracting company located in Blakely, GA, Legion OTG is bound by the highest standards of integrity, quality and respect for every associate and potential client. We will never sacrifice its values for growth and will remain steadfast to our fundamentals of character; uncompromising attention to detail and a quality focused training facility.

With our primary facility covering over 4,500 acres and multiple off site training areas, our list of capabilities will continue to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of our clients through our vast list of services.”


 A big thanks to LOTG for printing with Extreme!  You’re great people to print for and we’re excited to work more with you guys in the future.

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