Contract Printing Services

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What is contract screen printing?

Contract screen printing is a process of screen printing on behalf of other businesses. Contract screen printing is typically used by businesses that provide custom promotional items or merchandise for their own clients, but they do not have the equipment or expertise to print the items themselves. By outsourcing the printing to a contract screen printing shop, they can offer a huge variety of high-quality custom items while focusing on providing excellent customer service and consolidating their client needs.


Extreme Screen Prints has been one of the leading providers of contract printing services over the last decade. We have partnered with a number of clients that offer high-end custom apparel to their customers. Our contract partnership is exclusive and limited to a certain number of clients, so if you would like to learn more, please read through the following documents and fill out our contractor application form. Please note that completing the form does not guarantee approval.

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Areal view of a 8 color screen printing press, with two operators working on it.

Who is our typical contract client?

Extreme often works with customers looking for a premium product, or businesses that do a lot of simulated process/full color business like merchandise companies. This is because this is our specialty, and we often find the customers that get the most value from partnering with us are the ones that simply can not get the same level of service from competing contract shops. If you are looking for a contractor and have had a hard time looking for a facility that can provide the following services, we will be a great partner for you.

Premium simulated process screen printing
High color count screen printing
Jumbo & oversized screen printing
Special effects screen printing
Screen printing over pockets/seams
Retail-ready finishing services
Blind packing slips for customers to check stock in
Split shipping services
MOQ 50pcs for most orders
High volume screen printing


In order to be considered for contract printing services, we have guidelines that we expect all contractors to follow. These include but are not limited to:

Pricing jobs from the provided price sheet
Submitting a formal PO with all necessary order information
Providing print-ready artwork at the correct print size
Sharing garment photo mock-ups with accurate print sizes
Calling Pantone® Solid Coated colors for all colors in each design

Want to work with us?

Click the button below to be led to our contract application form, it only takes a minute! Be sure to read through our contract requirements and contract policies as well.