Be a vector image or a minimum of 300dpi if you do not have a vector image available
Be sized to the correct size for print
Be labeled with correct Pantone® Solid Coated colors when possible
Have all text converted to outlines

Absolute Maximum Print Sizes

Oversize 17”x23”
Standard Print  14”x18”

Recommended Maximum Print Sizes

Infant 4.5" x 6"
Toddler 9" x 10"
Youth 11.5" x 19"
Women's 12" x 20"
Unisex 14" x 23"
Short Sleeves 3.75" x 3.75"
Long Sleeves 3.5" x 17"

Please note that some garments may have smaller or larger print areas depending on the cut and style of the garment - especially Women's cut tees.

Printing Over Seams (PART 1)

Any print larger than these recommendations is very likely to print near or over the seams of the garment, either the collar, or the seam connecting the sleeves to the body of the garment.If you wish to have multiple print sizes to prevent printing over seams, each size will be counted and priced as a separate order due to the fact that it will need an entirely separate set of screens. For more information, see Placement.


Any artwork created by Extreme Screen Prints® is owned by Extreme Screen Prints® unless the ownership is purchased by the customer and rights are transferred over.
All separations done by Extreme Screen Prints® are owned by Extreme Screen Prints® unless the ownership is purchased by the customer and rights are transferred over.
The rightful owner still retains the rights to any art provided by the customer, and the customer must have the rightful owner’s approval to print if the customer is not the rightful owner.

Quality & Errors

Extreme Screen Prints® is not responsible for poor printing that is a result of poor artwork, however we do our best to improve the artwork or we will request higher quality art if we believe it will be an issue. We are also not responsible for any errors in the artwork, or spelling errors in the artwork after the art is sent in and approved by the customer. However again, we do our best to catch these errors and report them to our customers. If the artwork that is printed does not match the artwork that was approved see the production section for details.


Printing Over Seams (PART 2)

Any print larger than our size recommendations is very likely to print near or over the seams of the garment, either the collar, or the seam connecting the sleeves to the body of the garment. Printing near seams results in lower-quality ink-coverage. These are considered acceptable prints and will not be reprints unless it is outside our placement margin of error. For more information, see Art.

Hoodies/Other Garments

Printing on garments with buttons, zippers, hoods, pockets, etc. may result in poor registration and ink coverage if the art is over or near any uneven surface.

Placement Margin of Error

We guarantee that all prints will be within ¾” either direction of the approved placement. However this mostly applies to difficult print locations, our printers have extensive experience and we generally get placements within ½” either direction.


Minimum Order Requirements

Orders with standard print size must be at least 50 pieces. Orders with oversized print size, simulated process art, or non-traditional print locations may vary.



We do not offer refunds. If you are unhappy with our services for any reason outside of these policies, we will happily reprint your order. See the Reprints section under Post Production for more details.


Custom orders will not begin processing until payment has been paid in full. We accept all credit and debit cards. For certain orders we may request a wire transfer.


Extreme Screen Prints® pricing is subject to change at any time, and is expected to increase by about 3% annually.


Estimates provided by Extreme Screen Prints® expire 30 days from the date they were created.



Extreme Screen Prints® is not responsible for any manufacturer defects such as color inconsistency, poor stitching, holes, rips, or tears. We do our very best to catch these defects and we WILL replace them at no cost if we spot them, but we can not guarantee that we will see them. We highly recommend ordering a few extra garments of each size just in case.


Some brands may re-dye their garments to sell them if the original color is not selling, this may affect the color of water based and discharge inks, if you have concerns about this you may call us and we will recommend brands like Bella + Canvas that guarantee no re-dyes or over-dyes. However we will notify you if we see this is a problem, we are not responsible for any extra charges that may apply to reorder.



All orders are approved by a digital mockup sent by email. This mockup is extremely important and will be the primary reference for every step of the process, it is crucial that you look over every detail before giving the OK. Extreme Screen Prints® is not responsible for any errors in the art or details that are approved by the customer. Any corrections made after the approval will delay the production and could result in additional expenses.

Print Pictures

We will supply pictures of a printed garment from your order to be approved before the complete order is run. We do charge for this service and pricing may vary, please call for details. We require a response within 15 minutes since the order will be set up on press, if we do not get a reply in time additional charges may apply to reset up the order if we have to tear it down.

Ink Color & Pantone® Matching

We genuinely go the extra mile compared to the industry standard in terms of color matching. However this is generally a very time consuming process and has so many variables that we simply can not guarantee absolute color matches. We expect our customers to call (identify) Pantone® colors in their art, however while we are separating the art we will double check these colors and bring it up with the customer if we see any issues. Extreme Screen Prints® is not responsible if the wrong colors are called and printed. We supply-at no charge-every Pantone® color up to the date of 2021. Custom colors may require additional fees.

Color Consistency

At Extreme Screen Prints®, we do our best to ensure color consistency with plastisol. However, we can not guarantee color consistency with water based or discharge inks, but we do our best. This is because water based and discharge inks dye the fabric and can be affected by the garment color/material, which varies slightly by batch and manufacturer. We keep samples of nearly every order that comes through our shop, and we do our very best to match previous orders. Keep in mind that ink is constantly being remixed and plays on many variables beyond our control.

Color Changes

We permit 2 color changes per location per order, anything beyond that is considered a new order.


Once your order's proof has been approved, many of our team members begin their process. Any changes to the order could mean re-doing hours of work. For this reason we include a $50 change fee in addition to any new expenses that are required to cover supplies, garments, restocking fees, etc.

Under/Over Margin of Error

Extreme Screen Prints® guarantees an industry standard spoilage of 3%, however we generally try our best to keep it under 2%. It is natural for errors to happen in the printing industry, but we do our best to limit the possibility in every step of the process. Again, we highly recommend ordering a few extra garments of every size. If your order does incur shortages you will be credited back.


Cancellations after an order is placed will result in a 15% restocking fee plus any additional fees to cover any other expenses for services already rendered. However once the garments have been altered in any way, we do not accept cancellations (tag removal, tag printing, etc).

Tear-Away Tags

It is normal for slight remnants of a tag to be left behind underneath the fold of the collar after tear-away tag removal. Because of this, we generally remove them with more care so that no remnants are visible, but we can not always guarantee complete 100% removal. If this will be a major concern, please let us know when you order and we will add a warning to the mockup.

Post Production

Satisfaction & Loss of Profits

We do our very best to ensure the highest quality control in our shop, and garments are inspected throughout our entire production process. Ultimately, you, our customer, are the final quality control check. Any issues must be reported by an industry standard of 72 hours upon receiving them. We are also not responsible for any cost beyond the cost of the garments. (ex. If you pay us $5.90 for a garment that you sell for $20, we are only responsible for the $5.90) Extreme Screen Prints® is not responsible for any loss of profits you may incur once the garments have reached your customers.


If Extreme Screen Prints® is responsible for any errors over our spoilage rate, send us photos and we will gladly accept the garments back and schedule a reprint. We require that you ship the misprinted garments back to us – we will send a label and cover shipping costs. Production will not begin on the reprints until we have the misprinted garments back in our posession.


We can not guarantee the durability of water based and discharge printed garments. This is because after they leave our shop they may endure exposure to chemicals, harsh wash settings, and abrasiveness. We highly recommend washing your garments before wearing them, and washing on cold + tumble dry on low. Foil should be washed cold and hung to dry. All that being said we do our very best to improve our prints, if you have any issues with wash/durability you may report it to us by call or email with photos.



We ship via UPS & FedEx. Our customers are responsible for all shipping costs, and costs will be added to your invoice unless otherwise agreed upon with the customer. Shipping time is not included in our turnaround times. Extreme Screen Prints® will not assume responsibility for any errors by the shipping company such as transit complications, errors, weather, etc. Extreme Screen Prints® will not be responsible for any garments once they have left our shop. We will not be responsible if the garments were shipped to an address that was on the approved mockup that was incorrect.


Most orders are completed in 10-12 business days from customer payment. This does not include company holidays, days in transit or custom art time. Customers who supply their own garments: please be aware that your orders may be subject to slower turnarounds if your garments do not arrive within 72 hours from placing the order. Orders requiring special finishing services will add additional time. For more details on finishing services turnaround times, visit our Finishing Services page.

Shipping Rush Orders/Events

We do accept rush orders when we are capable of producing them. Please ask a sales associate before assuming we can provide you with this service. Rush orders must be paid in full upon sales order and art approval. You may not cancel a rush order once your order is placed. Exact quantities are not available on 1 day rush orders.

Split Shipping

Split ship order will be billed at current rates, we simply request a detailed list of how many garments/sizes go to each location.


Unless finishing services are requested, all orders will be folded in 12’s and stacked in a box from largest to smallest, grouped and rotated by size, up to 72pcs per box.


General Privacy Policy

Extreme Screen Prints takes your privacy seriously. We only use your personal information to provide better services, and we will never sell your personal information for any purpose. We may use your contact information to request reviews or feedback, which you may opt out of. By providing us with your email address you are providing consent for us to contact you for these purposes. Again you may unsubscribe from newsletters and review requests or email/call us to be taken off our list at any time. We do use Google Analytics.


If you have any questions regarding our policies, please call or email us to discuss details.
Extreme Screen Prints® reserves the right to change our policies and terms & conditions at any time.