what type of custom PATCHES do you offer?

Our patch options include embroidered patches, which are crafted using intricate stitching techniques to create detailed designs with raised textures. Chenille patches feature a plush, velvety surface that adds a unique tactile dimension to your patch. Print stitch patches are characterized by their crisp, printed designs, offering a sleek and vibrant aesthetic. Sublimated patches use a dye-sublimation process to produce vivid, photo-realistic imagery with precise detail. For a touch of sophistication, we offer leather patches, providing a classic and refined look. Silicone patches offer a modern twist, with a smooth, rubber-like finish that is both durable and eye-catching. Lastly, our woven patches are made with finely woven threads for a clean and precise appearance, perfect for intricate designs and small details. Whatever your preference, we have the perfect custom patch to elevate your brand!

Most of our custom-made patches start at a minimum of just 25 pieces, and there are options for most any price point. Patches can be added to hats, flannels, fleece, jackets, and more! It's the perfect way to add a high-end touch to your next custom apparel order.

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