WHAT IS plastisol ink?

Plastisol ink is one of the most commonly used inks in the US for screen printing on fabrics. It is made up of a suspension of PVC particles in a liquid plasticizer. When the ink is heated, the plasticizer evaporates, and the PVC particles fuse together, forming a solid and durable film on the surface of the fabric. Plastisol ink is known for its excellent opacity and ability to produce bright, vivid colors on both light and dark colored fabrics. It is also resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling, making it a popular choice for custom printed clothing and other textile items.

+ Vibrant
+ Durable
+ Versatile
+ Affordable
+ Excellent color accuracy
+ Excellent consistency between orders & garments
- Not great for stretch
- Less breathability
- Heavier hand on large graphics

summary of plastisol ink.

Plastisol is great for high color count artwork and especially for photorealistic art as it will retain vibrancy and opacity. It is also great for your everyday print as it has a classic look and feel and comes at a more affordable price, making it great for merch, company shirts, promo tees and more. The only time we really recommend against it is if you plan on doing a massive solid shape on a midweight or light tee, as plastisol lacks in breathability, it can cause you and your customers some uncomfortable times on a hot sunny day. In addition to that, if it is a large solid shape or design, it is also not good at printing over pockets, seams, or zippers.


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