Our Story

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Our Beginnings

Extreme Screen Prints was founded in 2007 as Grafixtek by business partners Dan Lund, an electrician, and Brett Wilson, a painter. Soon, they began production in Dan’s heated two-stall garage. In 2009, the company decided a name change was necessary to reach a larger audience, hence the new name of Extreme Screen Prints. In 2010, it became clear that Extreme was quickly outgrowing the space and resources available in Dan’s garage, so they moved to a commercial space in Wyoming, MI. After refocusing their efforts on contract printing in 2012, Dan and Brett transitioned to the current location in 2013 to have the space to accommodate multiple automatic presses. With Dan and Brett’s screen printing process, which they coined Vybrasol and were some of the first to develop and perfect hybrid printing, Extreme has found an avenue that has allowed them to become one of the best specialized screen printers in the industry. Below is a timeline detailing the history of Extreme Screen Prints.

Photo of someone holding a fanned out Pantone Formula Guide book. Looking at blue colors.
Areal view of a 8 color screen printing press, with two operators working on it.


2007 Grafixtek is formed

2008 Purchased first manual and automatic screen printing equipment and began printing in a heated two stall garage below Dan’s apartment

2009 Changed company name to Extreme Screen Prints

2010 Moved into the first commercial space (1500 sq ft) in Wyoming, MI

2012 Began contract screen printing

2013 Moved into larger commercial space

2014 Added multiple automatic presses allowing Extreme to compete with the best in the industry

2017 Switched to ROQ automatic equipment and implemented direct to screen technology

2022 Expanded current location outward, which is approximately 22,000 sq ft