Custom Heat Transfers

WHAT are heat transfers?

Heat transfers come in two primary forms: screen printed and digitally printed (direct to film). These methods involve decorating a special paper or film, which is then heat pressed onto a garment transferring the design from the film to the fabric. We use this technique selectively to enhance print quality or reduce costs for specific garments. Screen printed heat transfers are also employed for inner tags on fleece items like hoodies and crewnecks to improve legibility by matting down the fibers. Heat press tag transfers can create an ultra-bold look on tees, although they may not feel as soft as printed tags. We also offer specialty silicone heat press transfers that can give your design or company logo a higher-end look.

Extreme often works with clients that are looking for a premium quality screen printed product and brands that do a lot of simulated process, full color, or photorealistic designs. This is because this is our specialty, and we often find that the clients that get the most value from partnering with us are the ones that simply can not get the same level of service from competing contract shops. If you are looking for a contract screen printer and have had trouble finding a facility that can provide the following services coupled with top-notch, attentive customer service, we will be a great partner for you.
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+ Vibrancy on all types of garments
+ Can apply in places that are not possible to print
- Can be costly
- Less durability than screen printing


Ultimately, heat transfers are extremely versatile, but whether or not their application is suited for your project really depends on the garment and the design. We personally recommend screen printing in almost every case however if it is a situation where we believe heat transfers will be more cost effective, or give a better result, we will be sure to inform you. For instance, if you wanted a full color logo on the front of a fanny pack, we would probably inform you that this may be the only solution in order to decorate this product. 

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