3 Things You Should Know About Ordering Custom Shirts For Events

Miracle Ballard
February 27, 2024
What you should know about ordering custom t-shirts for events

The Popularity of Custom Shirts for Events

In the screen printing world, various occasions prompt people to order shirts. Companies often provide branded merchandise for employees to wear and promote the business when they are out and about. Schools will mark milestones such as the end of the year by giving shirts to the students to commemorate that year’s academic journey. Whatever the occasion, custom shirts are a popular choice for events, be it your city’s Turkey Trot race or a local music festival. This will help everyone involved feel unified and give people something tangible to remember the event taking place. The process of ordering custom shirts for events is straightforward once you have all your information ready. Although, you should take into consideration that there are guidelines made to help you in the process of placing your order. All these instructions will help give you a great ordering experience and will make sure your shirts come out the way you want them to!

1. What should my custom t-shirts say?

Custom printed shirt designs can range from simple to complex. For most events, artwork for prints typically include the name of the event, the date or year, where it is taking place, and sometimes a fun illustration. Some examples of events that could use custom printed shirts are: a volunteer group going out every weekend cleaning up trash in parks, a big birthday bash for a neighborhood kid with t-shirts for party favors, or a school field trip to an amusement park to know who is in your group. Another type of event that has a high demand for custom printed shirts are concerts. Tour merchandise is a big staple for artists. Not only is it a way to gain recognition when people wear them, but it gives the fans something physical to remember their concert. Events like this sometimes require big quantities and are probably best to be planned out and ordered well in advance. 

2. How do I order t-shirts for my event?

The process of ordering for an event is quick and painless.

The first step is to make sure you have all your artwork files prepared. These files could include any front, back, sleeve prints, or even tag files if you are wanting to add that professional touch with finishings. With the art files, you don’t need to know specific measurements for the art but it can be helpful to give that information if you have an idea.

Another thing you want to note when ordering is when you are going to need the shirts. This will give us a good idea on where we can fit you in our schedule.

Next step would be any colors you specifically know you want to use in your designs. For most event designs, it is better to use the least amount of colors possible, but don’t let that stop you from adding some color.

You’ll also want to know what type of garment you want your prints on. This could be a t-shirt, long sleeve, sweatshirt or crewneck. You can get recommendations if you know what type of garment you are looking for but aren’t sure on what brand or style. Most shops have a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces per order, so it will be helpful to know how many you will need for your event as well. If you have a smaller event and are worried about not satisfying this minimum, you can mix and match garments in the same order. For example, you could order a combination of half shirts and half sweatshirts. This can give event goers more options and will fulfill the minimum order quantity!

Another thing to keep in mind when placing orders for events is adding extras to your order. Not only are extras a good idea to add in case of any spoilage issues, but if you have extra guests attend an event that hadn’t been accounted for, they get the opportunity to take a shirt!

3. How early should I place my order for shirts for my event?

For events, shops can have a quicker turnaround rate so customers are receiving their orders in time for events. Say if you were a little behind on getting your order sent in and your event date was approaching much sooner than you had planned, you could ask your order to be sent through as a rush order. Rush orders typically go through the same process as a standard turnaround order but it is advised that the design should only use 1-3 colors. Orders with higher color counts tend to take longer in production due to demand for orders with more than 3 colors. Rush orders can usually be sent out anywhere between three days and a week after the order is placed.

Events that often need t-shirts and custom merchandise

If you are thinking of getting custom printed shirts but aren’t sure what event you would get them for, here is a list of events you could get them for:

Family Reunions 

Birthday Parties

Christmas Parties

School Spirit Weeks

Talent Shows

Theatre Performances

Volunteer Groups

Music Festivals



Charity Walks


Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Sporting Competitions 

Trade Shows


These are just some examples, but there are countless more events to order shirts for. Custom printed shirts can be tailored to suit any event or gathering, adding a touch of personalization and creating that sense of unity among everyone participating.


Gathering together with a group of people for an event can be a fun experience. Making the experience even more memorable by printing custom shirts can make people talk about it for ages. By ordering custom printed shirts you will create a sense of community and togetherness for any event. If you are looking to order shirts specific for events, it is key to have all the details for your prints. Making sure you are getting the correct garments, amounts, colors, and have a rough idea of the sizing of your prints. Also keep account of your timing when it comes to order. If you need it sooner than standard time frames allow, your order may be considered a rush order. Keep things sleek and simple and you shouldn’t have any issues with your orders. From family reunions to charity walks and everything in between, custom printed shirts add a touch of personalization and contribute to the sense of unity and camaraderie at any event. Let us help you get custom printed shirts for your event and contact us today!

Miracle Ballard
Last Updated:
February 27, 2024