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January 12, 2024
Screen Printing Finishing Services Guide

Have you ever wondered how some fashion brands manage to take their products from 'everyday' to 'exclusive'? One of the best-kept secrets in the apparel industry is the finishing touches, mainly through innovative packaging and private labeling. 

In this blog post, we dive deep into the world of premier apparel finishing services, guiding you towards creating that perfect blend of personality and professionalism that consumers find irresistible. Prepare to discover why state-of-the-art packaging and unique private labeling play a pivotal role in skyrocketing your brand's appeal! 

Types of Apparel Finishing Services

Apparel finishing services refer to the additional decorations or modifications made to garment orders with the intent of packaging and private labeling. These services allow clothing and lifestyle brands to add their unique touch while creating a professional and polished look that sets them apart. With so many finishes available, it's essential to understand which options align best with your brand strategy. This article will focus on some popular finishing services provided by Extreme Screen Prints.

Packaging Services

Packaging adds value and is an important factor in branding clothes for retail sale, shipping, storage, or gifting. Extreme Screen Prints offers a fold-and-bag service that provides a clean, polished look with neatly folded garments placed in clear polybags. This service ensures products arrive at the client store or final consumer correctly pressed, attractive, and ready to display.

Imagine receiving two identical t-shirts; one is inside a clear polybag, folded neatly, while the other is loose and haphazardly thrown in a box that looks like it was snagged off a shelf at a grocery store. Which would seem more professional? It’s evident that someone who receives a neatly wrapped product will feel more confident in their purchase compared to one just thrown into the package.

Extreme Screen Prints also offers hang tag placement with stringing as another packaging option. Hang tags are versatile since they can be made of paper, plastic, or cardboard. Hang tags tie nicely into garments using strings, making them great for private labeling or advertising. You can include information such as product descriptions, washing instructions, size information, logos, or pricing details, making them an effective marketing tool.

These finishing options help position your brand as high-end while giving customers the satisfaction of buying something premium that's worth their money.

Heat Press and Hem Tags

For those who are looking for a slightly more refined look, hem tags or woven labels are an excellent option. These tags are typically sewn onto the inside of the garment, providing a subtle but effective means of branding. However, not every piece of clothing is suitable for this kind of application, and you'll need to consult with the printing service to determine which garments will work best.

On the other hand, heat press tags are printed labels that are transferred onto your clothing using heat. It's important to note that these labels must be a single color that contrasts sharply with the clothing. Heat press tags are ideal for hoodies and sweaters where they can be positioned along the bottom hem or at the back of the neck.

Suppose that you run a lifestyle brand and want to take it up a notch by having custom-made t-shirts with your brand name sewn into them using high-quality materials. You should consider adding hem tags to your order. Your customers can take pride in wearing quality garments while also boosting your brand's profile.

Fold-and-Bag and Hang Tags

If you're in e-commerce, you understand how important it is to have packaging that wows your customers once their orders arrive. One such way to achieve this is through fold-and-bag services. This service offers a polished finish that involves neatly folding each garment before placing it in individual clear polybags.

Hang tags are also useful for private labeling or advertising purposes, making the most of blank shirt brands. Hang tags can be made from paper, cardboard, or plastic and can include information on sizing, care instructions, brand names and logos.

With customized finishing services, you can add a touch of sophistication to your products while making them more memorable in the eyes of consumers.

How Apparel Finishing Exalts Branding

In today's competitive market, businesses must utilize all possible tools to stand out from the masses. One such tool is apparel finishing services, which can add a unique touch to any clothing item. 

Consumer Appeal Enhancement

Private labeling can create consumer trust. If the label on your clothing explicitly mentions where it was manufactured, care instructions, or other relevant details about your product, prospective buyers will recognize that this information would not be present on non-branded products. It provides legitimization that you know what you're doing when it comes to fabric quality and design.

So, if you're in the fashion industry, consider using Extreme Screen Prints' finishing services like printed tags, heat press tags, hem tags, hang tags, and fold & bag services for your apparel branding needs. With customization options ranging from labels to unique packaging solutions tailored to your business’s needs, you'll increase consumer appeal and build customer trust.

Higher-end Brand Perception

For both small and established companies, packaging is often an afterthought, typically reserved for the final stages of production. However, this strategy could be detrimental to the overall success of your product if not strategically addressed. Consumers increasingly seek out brands that mirror their values and provide a certain level of luxury or aesthetic appeal. Therefore, investing in high-quality finishing services for packaging and labeling can help promote a higher-end brand perception. It signifies careful thought and attention to detail while also providing an opportunity to showcase products in a unique and distinguishable manner.

Collaborating with Finishing Service Providers

The choice you make when it comes to deciding which finishing service provider to collaborate with is critical. When discussing the options that work best for you, consider their years of experience, reputation, availability, and the scope of services they offer.

The key is to think of it as choosing a business partner with whom you're going to share your brand's vision. Like in any partnership or relationship, compatibility is essential. You don't want to engage with a service provider whose model doesn't align with your business goals and objectives.

It's also crucial for service providers to have excellent communication skills. An ideal partner should be transparent about what services they can deliver, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. By having a clear understanding of what each party expects from the other and underscoring these expectations via a written agreement, both parties demonstrate commitment during negotiations.

Contact the Best Apparel Finishing Service Company

At Extreme Screen Prints, we're dedicated to providing more than simply top-notch screen printing services. Our knowledge of finishing services ensures that your clothes not only include premium prints but also bear the stamp of professionalism and brand identity. 

Our wide range of choices, which includes printed tags, heat press tags, hem tags, hang tags, fold and bag services, gives you the ability to enhance your items and make them truly ready for retail. We are committed to providing accurate information about personalized tags in compliance with Federal Trade Commission requirements, even when it comes to the legal implications of re-labeling. 

If you're an artist, a business, or a charity, Extreme Screen Prints is ready to execute your idea with unparalleled skill and accuracy. You may rely on us to accurately print your shirts and to design them into a unique statement for your company. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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