It's Almost Here: Custom Summer Clothing Ideas

Miracle Ballard
March 25, 2024
Custom Summer Clothing Screen Printing Merchandise

Summer time is fast approaching and picking the best garment is crucial. With an array of options to consider, selecting the perfect garment becomes both a necessity and an opportunity for self-expression. From breathable athletic wear to airy lightweight shirts, from trendy tanks to stylish hats, the choices are abundant and varied. Each garment offers its unique blend of comfort, style, and functionality, catering to many preferences and summer activities. Whether you're gearing up for an outdoor adventure or simply seeking casual comfort under the sun, these versatile styles promise to elevate your summer wardrobe with ease and flair. 

Keep reading to find out what garments are best for the summer season!

Jerzees 29MR

Athletic Wear

Are you gearing up for an active summer filled with outdoor workouts and fitness endeavors? Look no further than the plethora of athletic wear garments available for customization. Crafted from high-performance materials like polyester, these garments offer the ideal combination of comfort, flexibility, and durability essential for activity in warm weather. Made with stretch properties, these shirts provide the freedom of movement necessary for various exercises, ensuring you can push your limits without restrictions. Whether you're hitting the trails for a morning run, attending a yoga session in the park, or participating in a summer marathon, these types of garments are the perfect pick for your fitness journey. Their moisture-wicking properties help keep you dry and comfortable even during the most intense workouts, while their breathability ensures optimal airflow, preventing overheating and discomfort. Furthermore, their lightweight construction makes them feel virtually weightless on the skin, allowing you to not feel weighed down by a shirt. Tackle the summer sun with confidence and style in these customizable athletic wear garments, designed to enhance your performance and elevate your workout experience to new heights. A few great options are the Jerzees 25MR, Gildan 42000, or Gildan 8000.

Tultex 190

Tank Tops

In addition to athletic wear and lightweight shirts, tank tops or muscle tees are another staple option for summer attire. The sleeveless design of these tops provide ventilation, offering some relief from the summer heat. Whether you're lounging by the poolside or embarking on an outdoor adventure, tank tops prove to be a versatile and practical choice. Their sleeveless construction not only ensures comfort but also provides plenty of space for creative prints and designs, making them an ideal canvas for expressing personal style. Perfect for casual outings or even outdoor events, these garments can stand out based on style and be a good statement piece for the summer time! Some good options for tanks are: Tultex 190, Next Level 1533, Gildan 2200, Gildan 5200, or Gildan 64200 / 6400L

Valucap VC700


Hats undoubtedly reign as indispensable summer garments, offering both sun protection and endless opportunities for customization. With a plethora of styles to choose from, hats can be great canvases to work with. From classic baseball caps to trendy bucket hats and stylish trucker hats, the options are as diverse as they are fashionable. What makes hats particularly appealing for customization is their adaptability to various decorating techniques. They can be adorned with patches, have intricate embroidery, or sleek silicone transfers. If you're intrigued by the world of patches, delve deeper into the subject through our informative blog post exploring different patch types. Bucket hats have emerged as a popular choice for shielding against the sun's rays while making a fashion statement during the warmer months. Their wide brims provide ample shade, while their contemporary designs add a touch of urban cool to any ensemble. Meanwhile, the timeless appeal of baseball caps transcends generations, offering a versatile option for customization, whether representing a summer t-ball team or promoting outdoor businesses. Embracing a more laid-back aesthetic, trucker hats have surged in popularity, making them ideal for personalizing summer clubs or activities with their mesh panels and adjustable snapback closures. Whatever your style preference or customization vision, hats serve as indispensable summer companions, combining practicality with limitless creative potential to elevate your seasonal wardrobe to new heights of style and individuality. Some good hat options are: AS Colour 1117 Bucket Hat, AS Colour 1175 Terry Cloth Bucket Hat, AS Colour 1176 Corduroy Bucket Hat, AS Colour 1172 Wide Brim Bucket Hat, YP Classics 6089, YP  Classics 6506, or Valucap VC700. *Though the AS Colour hats aren't on our site, we do still offer them! Please inquire for pricing.


As you prepare for the sunny days ahead, explore the plethora of garment options available to you. Whether it's the performance-driven features of athletic wear, the laid-back charm of tank tops, or the sun-shielding utility of hats, there's something for everyone. Embrace the opportunity to express your individuality through your summer attire, and let your wardrobe reflect the vibrant spirit of the season. Stay stylish, stay comfortable, and make the most of every summer moment with the perfect garments at your disposal. Reach out to Extreme® today to get moving on your summer merchandise!

Miracle Ballard
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March 25, 2024